Epson G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm Pricing & Product Details

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G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm Pricing

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G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm Overview

What is G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm?

High Speed. High Variety

Best in Class Motion Range

Tabletop, Ceiling and Wall Mount Models

ISO Clean & ESD Compliant Models

Also available in 550mm and 650mm arm lengths

Epson G6 SCARA robots are perfect for applications requiring high speed and/or high precision such as mechanical or electrical assembly, pick and place, kitting, dispensing and much more. With applications running in demanding industries such as Automotive, Medical, Semiconductor, Food, Pharmaceutical, Hard Drive, Consumer, and many others, Epson G6 SCARA's are the robot of choice. G6 SCARA arms are available in 450, 550 and 650mm lengths with either 180 (150 clean) or 330 (300 clean) Z-Axis lengths. They are also available in table top, wall or ceiling mount configurations. Clean/ESD and Washdown models are also available in all 3 core arm lengths. That makes for a lot of choices to make sure you get the right robot for your next application.

Unique to the G6 is our new Max-E envelope design. With Max-E, Epson G6-55x robots are now able to do jobs that previously required 600mm arms. Smaller footprints are the key and that translates to less factory space requirements and less overall factory costs.

What applications is G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm product best for?

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries

Automotive - Mirror/glass assembly, Ignition module assembly, Head and tail light assembly and test, Transmission Assembly, Clutch Assembly, Fuel injector assembly, Dashboard assembly, Hood and trunk lock assembly

Hard Drive - cover attachment, Disc polishing, Magnetic tape cartridge assembly, High precision drive assembly

Medical - Scalpel blade machining, Dental instrument insert molding, Pacemaker battery assembly, Wire stint laser welding, Hearing aid assembly

Lab Automation - Pipette packaging, DNA test sequencing, Blood Analysis, Test tube capping, Test tube handling

Consumer Products - Appliance assembly, Paint brush assembly, Electric Tooth brush assembly, Chainsaw Assembly, Speaker Manufacturing, Weed trimmer assembly, Connector Assembly

Industrial Products - Casting machine load/unload, Smoke detector assembly, Fiber optic connector assembly, Light bulb assembly, Hydraulic valve testing

Telecommunications - Cell phone assembly and test, Radio assembly and test

Pharmaceutical - Custom prescription filling, Tablet packaging, Protein crystal analysis

Solar - Panel assembly

Packaging - Meat Packaging, Box cutting and taping, Plastic component packaging, Pipette packaging, Produce packaging

Semiconductor - Assembly and test of custom chips, Wire bonding, Automated board testing, Aerospace electronic components assembly

Food - Meat handling, Vegetable picking & cutting, Produce packaging

Electronics - Inspection of PC boards, Automated cleaning of circuit board components

What are the specifications of G6 SCARA Robots - 450mm?

Horizontal Reach 180-450 mm
Repeatability +/-0.010-+/-0.015 mm
Payload 3-6 kg