Epson GX4 SCARA Robot - 300mm Pricing & Product Details

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GX4 SCARA Robot - 300mm Pricing

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GX4 SCARA Robot - 300mm Overview

What is GX4 SCARA Robot - 300mm?

Epson GX. Taking SCARA robot performance to the next level.

Introducing the GX4, part of Epson’s new high-power-density SCARA robot lineup. The GX4 builds upon 40 years of expertise to deliver next-level performance and flexibility in a compact footprint. A breakthrough in productivity, the GX4 uses advanced Epson GYROPLUS technology to provide fast production speeds and smooth motion control, all with higher payloads.

Engineered to meet your unique automation needs, the GX4 offers multiple arm configurations and a 250-350 mm reach to accomplish the most demanding tasks—including assembly, pick and place, and other intricate small-parts handling—with ultra high precision. Its innovative slimline design easily integrates into Cleanroom and ESD environments and quickly handles payloads up to 4 kg from a conveniently small form factor. Designed for ease of use, Epson RC+® software works seamlessly with the GX4 to create powerful automation solutions and offers integrated options to simplify the most complex applications. Plus, with battery-less encoders, a built-in Ethernet cable and other useful features, it supports a remarkably low total cost of ownership.

Ultra high performance and flexibility

Handles high payloads from a small footprint

Fast cycle times, smooth motion and fast settling times

Epson RC+ software helps create powerful automation solutions

Advanced Epson GYROPLUS vibration reduction system

Table, Wall, and Ceiling Mount Models

Also available in 250mm and 350mm arm lengths

What are the specifications of GX4 SCARA Robot - 300mm?

Horizontal Reach 300 mm
Repeatability ± 0.010-± 0.01 mm
Payload 2-4 kg