EVS SCARA Robot EVS10-800H Pricing & Product Details

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SCARA Robot EVS10-800H Pricing

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SCARA Robot EVS10-800H Overview

What is SCARA Robot EVS10-800H?

Scara robot with compact and flexible structure, fast running speed, high transmission accuracy and low noise

Robotic automation highly rigid arm design realizes high load and high speed in one package

Available in 600 to 1000mm arm span; 1kg to 20kg payload

Adapt to G3 control cabinet, provide 23 input and 23 output custom IO; support serial port, network, USB and other interface forms

Cnc robot suitable for handling, palletizing, assembly, 3C and other application fields

What are the specifications of SCARA Robot EVS10-800H?

Payload 5-10 kg
Horizontal Reach 800 mm
Repeatability ±0.01-±0.025 mm