Top 10 ARC Mate 50iD/7L Alternatives

  • FANUC ARC Mate 120iD
  • FANUC ARC Mate 50iD
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD/14L
  • FANUC ARC Mate 100iD/10L
  • FANUC ARC Mate 100iD
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7LC
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L
  • FANUC Paint Mate 200iA/5L
  • FANUC ARC Mate 100iD/8L
FANUC ARC Mate 120iD
3.9/5 (2)
Payload 25kg | Reach 1831mm
An ideal all-round welding robot, the ARC Mate 120iD’s slim articulated design means it excels at welding in narrow jigs. It features a new drive train for significantly higher axis speeds and, thanks to its high rigidity, boasts a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm. For maximum operating flexibility, it has a large working envelope and can reach in very close to its own base. By combining FANUC reliability with higher motion performance, the ARC Mate 120iD maximises productivity and enhances your profitability. Operating costs are low, and installation is easy.
4.6/5 (1)
Payload 7kg | Reach 717mm
The latest generation ARC Mate 50, this 6 axis standard version is a rugged all-rounder that will maintain high quality standards in harsh working environments.
FANUC LR Mate 200iD
4.7/5 (1)
Payload 7kg | Reach 717mm
The FANUC LR Mate 200iD is a compact 6 axis robot with the approximate size and reach of a human arm. It combines best-in-class robot weight-load capacity with standard IP67 protection and outstanding FANUC quality. This makes the LR Mate 200iD the best and most reliable mini robot for process automation in many industries.
FANUC LR Mate 200iD/14L
4.1/5 (1)
Payload 14kg | Reach 911mm
An enhanced, compact mechanical construction allows the highest payload of the LR Mate series. Offering an exceptional weight-payload ratio with a weight of 27 kg and payload of 14 kg, this model is ideal for compact robot cells, production lines and installation directly into or onto machines. With its very high moment and inertia at wrist it is the perfect solution for high productivity handling, loading & unloading and assembly applications.
FANUC ARC Mate 100iD/10L
No reviews yet.
Payload 10kg | Reach 1636mm
The new generation of Arc Welding robots stands out based on its productivity advancements and rapid integration times. The long arm model of the ARC Mate 100iD series features outstanding axes speed and ultimate precision. Made specifically for narrow installations, this highly versatile arc welding robot can work on relative large parts thanks to its large horizontal stroke and can also be installed upside down or angle mounted.
FANUC ARC Mate 100iD
No reviews yet.
Payload 12kg | Reach 1441mm
This new generation of Arc Welding robots stands out based on its productivity advancements and rapid integration times. To utilize space more efficiently, the new ARC Mate 100iD has received a more sophisticated, curved design, which allows it to effortlessly operate in compact welding cells. It features a fully integrated welding hosepack and utility cables, which further economizes the workspace. A larger workspace, reach and stroke, even in the backflip area, allows for a bigger working range. Improved rigidity and repeatability together with faster motion speed, mean increased productivity.
FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7LC
No reviews yet.
Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
The clean room high-performer for manufacturing and lab applications, this 6 axis version provides extra versatility thanks to increased reach. Like all LR Mate robots, it is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality and special application packages.
FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L
No reviews yet.
Payload 7kg | Reach 911mm
Fast at handling small payloads, this compact multi-purpose industrial robot offers an enhanced reach. Like all LR Mate robots, it is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality, special application packages and standard IP67 protection.
FANUC Paint Mate 200iA/5L
No reviews yet.
Payload 5kg | Reach 892mm
This long arm Paint Mate model has an increased maximum reach but with the same 5 kg payload capacity as its model counterpart. Ideal for assembly and handling operations requiring increased reach even in hazardous environments.
FANUC ARC Mate 100iD/8L
No reviews yet.
Payload 8kg | Reach 2032mm
Ideally suited for working in compact robotic cells, the slimline ARC Mate 100iD/8L occupies a small footprint and can be installed upside down or angle mounted for even more flexibility. The long-arm arc welding robot comes with a fully integrated hose pack and cable management system. For easy and reliable routing of sensor or camera cables, air pipes and other utilities, services are routed through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body.