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Sanketkumar Moradiya


Nov 23, 2022

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Control Engineer
Fanuc Arc mate is the best-known robot for Arc Welding in the automotive industry, we had a smaller Table top weld application for the sub-assembly part. We had a Panasonic robot for the An Arc welding application for the same part, and we were required to design a new cell for the same weld assembly we decided to go with Fanuc arc mate 50id, which was the best option in reach ability and cost-effective at that time. We were pleased with the result after an integration, cycle time was optimized and was reduced by ~25%, and weld quality was pretty solid and satisfactory. was really smooth with its Air moves because of the integrated cable system. The Weld controller was pretty simple to use with this model. We did use Roboguide for the System design phase, where we were able to get Custom 3D CAD drawings of our system in software, which made all the DCS work real smooth, we were able to get the accurate calculation of frames and DCS configuration in software. The Arc-weld package has all the option including wire feeding, and a dress pack solution in the library, which makes real robot in software and make it easy to program weld robot offline. The weld programming terminology is so simple and understandable that anyone from the maintenance personnel can easily understand the programming functionality.
Fanuc is the best in all terms except Service!! I have found it very difficult to get the parts from Fanuc if you need one for your robot, their busy schedule can make you wait longer than expected. The Roboguide software option is Costlier if you are expecting to get all cell designs before-hands.