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What is M-20iB/25C?

Fast, clean and fully enclosed The FANUC M-20iB/25C comes in special white paint indicating its resistance against cleaning agents and used in daily wash down operations typical for cleanroom environments such as 2nd-Food areas or the medial, optical, pharmaceutical or electronics industry. This model, based on the M-20iB series, was built with the intent to meet the standard requirements (IP67 standard) of such demanding environments - with no compromise of robot speed and repeatability. Based on its slim, entirely encapsulated design, the cleanroom robot reaches high flexibility levels, adding versatility to its ability to perform applications within compact cells. This Cleanroom Robot can achieve Cleanroom Class ISO 5.

What are the specifications of M-20iB/25C?

Payload 25 kg
Reach 1853 mm

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Cutting cakes with FANUC M-20iB/25C for clean and food environments

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