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What is M-410iB/140H?

The FANUC M-410iB/140H is a high-performance palletizing robot designed by the pioneer in robotics, FANUC. With a maximum payload capacity of 140 kg and a reach of 2850 mm, this 5-axis robot is tailored for palletizing and handling applications. Its precision and reliability make it suitable for a wide range of industries and tasks, ensuring efficient throughput in various palletizing scenarios.

One of the standout features of the M-410iB/140H is its exceptional speed, contributing to increased productivity with up to 1,900 palletizing cycles per hour. This impressive speed not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes downtime, thereby maximizing overall productivity. Additionally, its top mounting configuration optimizes the work envelope while minimizing both ceiling height and floor space requirements, ensuring versatility and adaptability to diverse operational environments.

Equipped with FANUC's innovative iRVision system, the M-410iB/140H offers unique palletizing capabilities. The plug-and-play vision system enables visual line tracking for precise locating and reliable picking of boxes, enhancing accuracy and reducing errors. Moreover, boasting the best repeatability in its range at ± 0.2 mm, this robot ensures consistent and precise performance, making it a reliable solution for demanding palletizing applications across industries such as assembly, pick/pack, load transfer, and dispensing.

What applications is M-410iB/140H product best for?

  1. Palletizing: The FANUC M-410iB/140H is specifically designed for palletizing tasks, efficiently stacking and organizing goods onto pallets in various industries.
  2. Material Handling: With its high payload capacity and versatile reach, this robot excels in material handling applications, including transferring heavy loads and managing inventory.
  3. Manufacturing: In manufacturing environments, the M-410iB/140H streamlines processes by automating tasks such as loading and unloading, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

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