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Bellows gripper DHEB Pricing

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€ $ £ ¥ 12345.00

Bellows gripper DHEB Overview

What is Bellows gripper DHEB?

The bellows gripper from Festo is a gentle and safe internal gripper. The increase in the bellows diameter enables it to grasp payloads using their inner contour. The gripper is suitable for gripping and transporting parts with a circular opening, such as glasses, cups or bottles. There are two different bellows materials: EPDM is suitable for high loads and silicone for high temperatures.

What applications is Bellows gripper DHEB product best for?

For gentle internal gripping of fragile workpieces, the bellows gripper DHEB clamps by adapting to their inner contour.

What are the specifications of Bellows gripper DHEB?