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SHW Connector Pricing

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SHW Connector Overview

What is SHW Connector?

The SHW Connector is a manual tool changer with an optimized locking mechanism. The connector consists of a cylindrical bolt which locks the upper and lower assembly together. A centering disc can be installed on both the upper assembly (robot side) and lower assembly (tool side) of the robot and ensures that the tools are correctly aligned with the robot arm.

SHW Connector Advantages:

  • Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1
  • High repeatability < 0.02 mm
  • Durable - 5,000 cycles
  • Withstands high loads with low dead weight
  • Toolless due to integrated operating lever
  • Improved operating lever with pure folding movement
  • Intuitive operation: can be released and closed with one hand
  • Lightweight made of high-strength aluminum, anodized
  • Integrated mounting surface for energy feed-through
  • Locking pin secures the hand lever against unintentional release