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Smart Assembler Pricing

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Smart Assembler Overview

What is Smart Assembler?

Solution composed of Doosan Cobots and Smart Robots that enables interaction between Cobot and human operator.

Smart Robots is a 3D intelligent vision device that supports the human operator in manual tasks through perception and artificial intelligence in order to eliminate errors and improve efficiency and productivity.

The basic solution consists of: Doosan Cobot, 3D Smart Robots intelligent vision system and the MES (manufacturing execution system software).

Accessories available: Monitor, signal turret, scale and other devices, INDEVA Lean System modular bench.

How it works:

  • It divides and schedules tasks between humans and cobots:
    – Tasks that cannot be automated and are of high value to the human operator;
    – Automatable and repetitive subtasks for the cobot.
  • Recognizes real-time operator actions and objects in assembly and mounting operations
  • Verifies proper completion of predefined sequences
  • It alerts the operator in real time of any errors and guides him in correcting them.


  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces costs
  • Standardize the process
  • Increases the quality of the finished product
  • Double your productivity
  • Avoid collisions
  • Increases quality and ergonimy
  • Flexible and low cost automation

Don't you have a workbench where you can place Smart Assembler? We provide it for you!

INDEVA Cobotics takes advantage of Scaglia INDEVA’s forty years of experience in the production of Lean System structures and workbenches. Our workstations allow the operator to reach all the components, necessary to perform his work, easily and ergonomically, as well as the implementation of the Smart Robots system so that his vision is as efficient as possible.