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A turnkey robot solution is a complete and ready-to-use robot system that is designed to perform a specific task or process. It includes all the components and technology necessary to automate the process and is often provided by a single supplier, reducing the need for the customer to have specialized technical knowledge.

Turnkey Robot Solutions
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Bin Picking Cells
Liebherr Group Bin Picking Cells

Liebherr is the best choice for bin picking with application expertise and feasibility analyses for a reliable solution.

User knowledge meets expertise
Automatic unloading of randomly arranged parts from transport containers is still one of the most challenging industry automation applications.

Manufacturers of vision systems are often experts in machine vision, but there is much more to successful application: feasibility analyses, gripping systems, robot path planning, feeding and removal of parts. In order to end up with a functioning, robust and reliable solution with the appropriate cycle time, all these elements must work together. Liebherr combines decades of experience from realized automation projects, expert knowledge and its own bin picking software LHRobotics.Vision to offer a unique complete package for reliable success.

Bin picking: reliable, economical, automated

Bin picking usually replaces unattractive operator tasks: lifting and positioning heavy parts from a crate involves unergonomic, monotonous and sometimes unsafe tasks. Put your staff to work on more profitable processes and let the robot do the random bin picking. This has several advantages: higher productivity due to fast cycle times more profitable processes increased machine uptime due to unmanned shifts avoidance of accidents at work

Bin picking made easy

Unloading workpieces from the transport container requires seamless interaction between image recognition system, software and robots. Liebherr makes it easy: tried-and-tested camera systems and user-friendly, intuitive software take you step by step to the optimum removal and positioning result. Smart software and sophisticated gripping systems lead to a high degree of emptying of your crate.

Alstrut cobotizur

A plug & play platform designed to integrate with Universal Robots to simplify palletizing.

Robotics Education Solution
Elephant Robotics Robotics Education Solution

Elephant Robotics' Robotics Education Solution offers a cutting-edge platform for higher education institutions, specifically designed to assist universities in developing robotics programs. This comprehensive solution encompasses the integration of a 6-Axis Robot and a Compound Robot with 3D Vision, providing students with a hands-on learning experience in the field of robotics.

The standout feature of this solution is the inclusion of a 6-Axis Robot. With its six degrees of freedom, the robot offers exceptional versatility and flexibility in its movements. It allows for precise control and manipulation of objects in a three-dimensional space, enabling students to learn various advanced robotic techniques such as pick-and-place, assembly, and complex motion planning. The 6-Axis Robot serves as an ideal tool for teaching fundamental concepts in robotics, such as kinematics, dynamics, and control algorithms.

In addition to the 6-Axis Robot, Elephant Robotics' solution also incorporates a Compound Robot with 3D Vision. This component adds an extra layer of complexity and functionality to the educational experience. The 3D Vision system equips the robot with the ability to perceive and understand its environment in three dimensions. By leveraging cutting-edge computer vision algorithms, the robot can accurately identify objects, assess their spatial positions, and make intelligent decisions based on the visual information. This capability allows students to explore topics like object recognition, scene understanding, and robotic vision systems.

One of the unique aspects of Elephant Robotics' Robotics Education Solution is its compatibility with various software systems commonly used in industrial automation. The solution seamlessly integrates with popular robotics programming frameworks and software development environments, enabling students to learn industry-standard tools and programming languages. This compatibility ensures that students gain practical skills that are directly applicable to real-world industrial scenarios.

Moreover, Elephant Robotics' solution possesses specialized specifications that make it suitable for industrial automation. The robots are built to withstand rigorous usage and are engineered for durability. They exhibit high payload capacities, allowing them to handle substantial loads and perform tasks typically encountered in industrial settings. Furthermore, the robots have a wide operating temperature range, ensuring their functionality in extreme temperature conditions. This feature enables students to understand the challenges and considerations associated with robotics applications in harsh environments.

By providing a comprehensive service to higher education, Elephant Robotics' Robotics Education Solution empowers universities to establish and enhance their robotics programs. It offers students an immersive learning experience by combining a 6-Axis Robot and a Compound Robot with 3D Vision, enabling them to delve into advanced robotics concepts and gain practical skills. With its standout features, compatibility with industry software systems, and specialized specifications, this solution stands as a unique option for universities seeking to cultivate robotics expertise among their students.


Automate the dull and ergonomically unsafe tasks associated with end-of-line packaging operations. Our robotic packaging solutions are turn-key and designed to fit into both new and existing operations.

Turn-key Automation

Robotic solutions for every step in the packaging process! Featuring a modular design, all of our solutions can be added to both new and existing lines.

Fully automated packaging lines

Robotic case erectors & case packers

Collaborative robotic palletizers

Quality control vision integration

Custom conveyor configurations

By integrating collaborative robots into our packaging systems, we can provide solutions that are modular and easily added to both new and existing packaging lines.

Case Erector & Case Packers
Automate an existing line within the same footprint! By using cobots, case erectors and case packers are easily integrated into existing lines.


Multiple flat shipper magazines
Top and bottom taper options
Custom end-of-arm tooling
No caging or guarding needed to operate

GoBot Palletise Solution
Peeters GoBot Palletise Solution

The cobot palletiser is the palletiser robot’s little brother. The cobot also automatically loads pallets with pre-packed products but is half the size of the larger version and easy to move around. We developed this cobot palletiser, named GoBot Palletise Solution, in-house.

Our GoBot Palletise Solution is the ideal (and often first) robot solution for small and medium-sized industrial companies that no longer want to manually stack goods coming off of the production line.


(Pre)programming makes it easy for any employee to work with this cobot. No programming knowledge is required to set stacking patterns, for example. The cobot palletiser also stores each stacking pattern in its memory.

The cobot is equipped with motion sensors so people can work safely in its vicinity (changing pallets, for example, is not a problem)

Cobot Palletiser features:

  • Product name:
  • Application: Standard turnkey palletising cobot for light industrial palletising
  • Capacity: up to 6 strokes per minute
  • Maximum stacking height: 2 metres
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Dimension: < 4 m2
  • Cage: no
  • Installation time: 1 day
  • Force sensors: yes
  • Change over time: minimum
  • Maintenance: low
  • Vision and line tracking: optional
  • Energy consumption: low
  • Delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • Programmed according to the ISO/TS-15066 standard
  • Extra options:
    > Malfunction data can be read out via Remote Support Router
    > Lift unit for stacking up to 2 metres
Promation Cofiller

The filling robot Cofiller works seamlessly with the feeding robot Cofeeder and the stacking robot Costacker. Your Cofeeder supply robot supplies the correct material for the packaging and/or the goods to be packed via conveyor belts. This filling robot places the goods in the packaging, puts a label on it if necessary and then passes the boxes or trays on to the Costacker stacking robot, which puts them neatly on pallets. The result: a smooth, safe and efficient production line.

Promation Costaker

The Costacker is a stacking robot that stacks boxes or trays on pallets in an extremely accurate and efficient manner. These compact robots can work next to and with people. There is no need for fencing because cobots stop as soon as someone comes across them. This way, the safety of your employees is guaranteed at all times. And because palletisers perform ergonomically bad movements without any problems, they save the backs of your employees. In this way you limit the loss due to ergonomic problems.

Indeva Cobotics PalFlex

Modular and ready-to-use solution for any palletizing need of boxes, cans or other objects up to 16 kg (after checking the applied tool).

Speed up to 14 pieces/min (guaranteed rate with box weight of max 8 kg and with non-collaborative working mode and multiple gripping head).

The large color panel mounted on the machine assists the user in a clear and fast way, allowing him to optimize the palletizing process automatically without the need of additional programs.

Possibility of managing interlayers, thanks to the special warehouse module and the creation of particularly high pallets by means of a telescopic column.

PalFlex advantages:

  • Easily transportable with a simple pallet truck
  • Motorized telescopic column for Cobot to reach different heights
  • Plug & Play: just a standard 220V and AC outlet to get started
  • Ballasted base, possibility of working without having to anchor it to the floor and flexibility in positioning
  • Secure: Immediate lockout upon obstacle detection, safety level Cat.3 PL d, guaranteed by the CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Versatile: gripping hand can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs. Realizable in different shapes depending on what is to be handled (16-20 kg after verification of the cobot payload)
  • Quick and easy task configuration using dedicated palletizing software, with just a few steps, allows the creation and optimization of palletizing configurations
Indeva Cobotics Loadflex

Islands prepared to interface with the company management system,industry 4.0 compliant.

They have an integrated system that stores data on quantities and processing times.

They are compatible with most CNC control models . It moves easily, allowing you to automate multiple machines with one cobot.

They make it possible to speed up production processes, especially repetitive and monotonous ones, eliminating downtime and fully exploiting the potential of operators and machines.

Indeva Cobotics MyWelder

Precision welding with simple and intuitive programming.

Available welding types: MIG, MAG and TIG.

The optional Industry 4.0 package is available, allowing data collection of welding cycles for productivity optimisation, diagnostics, supervision and remote control.

Indeva Cobotics MoveFlex

Solution consisting of the integration of a Doosan Cobot with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).
This integration allows the handling of components over long distances, making the cobot’s range unlimited.

It is also possible to configure the robot to perform different operations along the way.

The use of a vision system eliminates positioning problems and gives the system maximum flexibility.

Cobots, AGVs and DC controllers are battery powered.

Smart Assembler
Indeva Cobotics Smart Assembler

Solution composed of Doosan Cobots and Smart Robots that enables interaction between Cobot and human operator.

Smart Robots is a 3D intelligent vision device that supports the human operator in manual tasks through perception and artificial intelligence in order to eliminate errors and improve efficiency and productivity.

The basic solution consists of: Doosan Cobot, 3D Smart Robots intelligent vision system and the MES (manufacturing execution system software).

Accessories available: Monitor, signal turret, scale and other devices, INDEVA Lean System modular bench.

How it works:

  • It divides and schedules tasks between humans and cobots:
    – Tasks that cannot be automated and are of high value to the human operator;
    – Automatable and repetitive subtasks for the cobot.
  • Recognizes real-time operator actions and objects in assembly and mounting operations
  • Verifies proper completion of predefined sequences
  • It alerts the operator in real time of any errors and guides him in correcting them.


  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces costs
  • Standardize the process
  • Increases the quality of the finished product
  • Double your productivity
  • Avoid collisions
  • Increases quality and ergonimy
  • Flexible and low cost automation

Don't you have a workbench where you can place Smart Assembler? We provide it for you!

INDEVA Cobotics takes advantage of Scaglia INDEVA’s forty years of experience in the production of Lean System structures and workbenches. Our workstations allow the operator to reach all the components, necessary to perform his work, easily and ergonomically, as well as the implementation of the Smart Robots system so that his vision is as efficient as possible.

RB1200 Palletizer
REECO RB1200 Palletizer

Developed in collaboration with Omron, the RB1200 palletiser is a cost effective, market ready solution, making end-of-line robotic automation attractive to producers of all sizes.

If your operations require you to palletise large quantities of inventory, having efficient palletising systems in place is paramount to operational success. The RB1200 palletiser is the latest offering in palletising technology, offering a cost reduction of up to 50% and a 60% smaller footprint when compared to conventional palletisers.

Versatile Solution – The RB1200 is able to accommodate a wide range of pallet and box dimensions

Integrated Safety – A market ready palletising solution with integrated safety for quick deployment.

Simple Programming – Easy Stack software, an intuitive interface that can be used with no experience.

Quick to set up – Modular and quick to set up, all connected with one 240v plug.

The RB1200

The RB1200 palletiser features an Omron TM12 Collaborative Robot, providing a reach of 1300mm and coupled with a 7th axis lifter for full reach across all suitable pallets. Capable of operating with a payload of up to 10kg, the RB1200 is complete with integrated safety, utilising an Omron OS32C scanner, making it a market ready palletising solution.

As automation specialists, Reeco are able to provide additional services such as custom tooling to suit different solutions.

Flexible Palletising Robot
The RB1200 palletiser is a plug and play solution that can be up and running within the hour.

The palletiser was specifically designed to help businesses respond to changes in demand, providing flexibility in its modular design and simple programming for rapid redeployment.

CP1200 Case Packer
REECO CP1200 Case Packer


Developed by Reeco, the CP1200 Case Packer is a versatile case packing system, perfect for packing boxes and trays in end-of-line packing processes.

From single and dual arm cells, to single and multi-pick configurations, the CP1200 can be modified to meet different production throughputs and packing patterns as required. Its compact design demands reduced floor space, making it an attractive solution to producers of all sizes.

High Throughput – The CP1200 is capable of achieving upwards of 1200 cycles per hour.

High Payload – The Omron TM14 Robots are suitable for handling payloads of up to 14KG each.

Versatile Solution – The CP1200 is suited to both box and tray packing.

Quick Integration – Easily integrated with upstream and downstream systems.

The CP1200 Case Packer
The CP1200 Case Packer utilises Omron TM14 Collaborative Robots which provide a reach of 1100mm and a payload of 14kg. With dual and single arm models, its inverted design allows for a quicker pick and a shorter travel time, improving product throughput and reducing the required footprint.

We are able to provide custom tooling to suit different products, accommodating the packing of bottles, cans, bags, boxes, trays, food items, tubs, wrapped product, pots & pouches.

Promation Cofeeder

The Cofeeder supplies consumables that the other machines need to continue. The Cofeeder works seamlessly with people and other machines. Unloading pallets, supplying consumables, … for the Costacker or Cofiller – this intelligent cobot can handle it all. Moreover, you can completely adapt this supply robot to your production process and needs. A supply robot is therefore an indispensable link in your production

CoWelder Welding Cobot
Peeters CoWelder Welding Cobot

CoWelder Welding Cobot

The CoWelder welding cobot is an affordable and ideal first step towards welding automation. This compact robot is very suitable for small series production. The CoWelder effortlessly performs repetitive welding work. This enhances efficiency because it allows your qualified welder(s) to take care of more complex jobs. Uniquely, employees can work right next to the welding cobot (cooperative robot) without the need for barriers.

Simple and advanced welding with welding robot

This compact welding assistant is perfect for welding simple pieces with MIG / MAG or TIG welding (with or without cold wire feed) regardless of quantity and frequency. Once set, welding patterns are easily stored in the robot memory. In short, the CoWelder welding robot is an asset for every professional welding shop that wants to make significant progress in efficiency.

How does the CoWelder welding coobot work?

After a short training, a qualified welder can move the CoWelder welding robot to any position and store that position. Storing different consecutive placements creates the welding program. The welder then allows the robot to move through the sequence – without actually welding – for checking purposes. If the sequence is correct, the robot welder can start working.

Advantages CoWelder welding cobot:

• Professional welding performance
• Uniformity in series production
• No changes in working procedures
• Qualified welders can focus on complex tasks
• 18 configurations
• No programming knowledge required
• IGC® Intelligent Gas Control Technology
• Robot Motion Safety Control
• CE mark
• Ease of installation
• Increased production capacity
• Maximum flexibility
• Special features:
Extra options:
> Vertical and horizontal displacement units
> Attachable to welding table

Onexia PalletizHD

Minimal footprint, end of line packaging automation.

This is more than just a collaborative robot placing boxes on a pallet.

Why choose a PalletizHD for your packaging line?

Designed and built by a robotics integrator specializing in cobots, the "HD" is a fully automated palletizer that can easily be added to existing packaging lines.


The PalletizHD is one of the most robust collaborative palletizers on market. Built on a durable and portable welded frame, the "HD" easily automates palletizing applications that are typically done by human labor.

High payload cobot
- featuring a 38 lb payload, the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are difficult for humans to consistently stack.
Increased pick rate
- using a custom end-effector, multiple lighter weight cases can be picked at once.
Vertical reach
- the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 105 inches in height by utilizing the built-in collaborative lifter.

Automate palletizing without writing a line of code.

Every PalletizHD comes with our custom palletizing software preloaded on the embedded touchscreen interface.

Drag-and-drop user interface.

Custom designed by ONExia, end-users can easily add and edit pallets with no programming required!

Onexia PalletizCRX

Manufactured by ONExia, a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator specializing in collaborative robots, the PalletizCRX is a turn-key palletizer using the FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot.

By using a FANUC cobot, the PalletizCRX requires no physical guarding to operate within the work cell drastically decreasing the footprint of adding automation.

The PalletizCRX is a fully collaborative solution for FANUC users looking for a flexible alternative to standard industrial palletizing robots.

PalletizCRX Features:
The PalletizCRX requires no programming and can be deployed to an existing packaging line in under an hour.

Minimal footprint
- no guarding or caging needed
- easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack
- full rating for entire system
Quick deployment
- requires a standard outlet and an air line
Continuous operation
- palletize to both sides

Onexia PalletizUR

A portable, collaborative palletizing system that features drag-and-drop software for pallet building.

A robotic palletizer is a robotic cell that is designed to stack boxes and other standardized products onto a pallet for final shipment. By using collaborative robots for palletizing, reliable workers can focus on the value-added tasks upstream in the manufacturing process.

Introducing the PalletizUR
The PalletizUR is a turn-key solution that enables end-users to automate palletizing without writing a line of code.

Palletizing with a collaborative robot

Being collaborative means it works along-side workers, cage-free!

This allows a robotic palletizing system to be added to existing lines without any additional guarding or fencing making set up simple and non-invasive.

Designed and built by a robotics integrator specializing in cobots, the PalletizUR is a flexible alternative to standard palletizing machinery.

Automate palletizing using a collaborative robot without writing a line of code.

Every PalletizUR comes with our ONExia Robotics drag-and-drop palletizing software preloaded on the touchscreen interface.

No engineering degree needed

The PalletizUR can be quickly adjusted for new pallet configurations as production demands change.

  • Simplified interface - control the entire system through the embedded touch screen
  • Drag-and-drop software - build pallets with no programming needed
  • Pallet library - save and recall 100's of pallets for even quicker changeover
WEBER HS-4-1000

The WEBER handling system HS-4-1000 consists of an industrial robot, machine vision system and a conveyor belt. Max. Weight of the handleable workpieces (incl. tool) is 8.4 kg, workpiece dimensions from min. 20×20 to max. 700x700mm. The machine can reach a max. cycle time of 35 parts/min.

Palletizing Kit
HAHN Robotics Palletizing Kit

The Palletizing Kit from HAHN Robotics revolutionizes the palletizing of products weighing up to 17 kg using collaborative robotics. It is immediately and flexibly deployable, space-saving and officially approved for operation without external protective equipment. With an intuitive, fully integrated interface, even complex, new patterns can be configured in minutes without prior knowledge – ideal for a changing product range. At the same time, two storage bays, also suitable for oversized pallets, ensure a continuous material flow. The connection to intralogistics is made by means of conveyor technology and preconfigured interfaces to driverless transport systems.

Intelligent Feeding System
AGS Intelligent Feeding System

The Intelligent Feeding System by AGS Automation is an advanced solution for the orientated infeed of bulk goods into injection moulds, replacing multiple vibration drums. This highly flexible feeding system features adjustable camera guiding and exchangeable or adjustable grippers, ensuring that the investment stays future-proof. It comes in two sizes - the IZS 240 version tub with a supply area of 240mm x 240mm and the IZS 800 belt version with a supply area of 240mm x 800mm. The system also includes a reject flap and back light option, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

ibk IngenieurConsult CobotPalletizer

The ibk CobotPalletizer is a turnkey palletizing solution based on a Cobot KR1410 from Kassow Robots. The CobotPalletizer is designed to require a minimum footprint and is a powerful solution for palletizing two pallets.

It can handle up to 3.5 packages/minute or 200 packages per hour. It has a maximum payload of 10 kg.

INperfektion RoboCon

The RoboCon from INperfektion is a welding robot in a container that automates welding for you. It can be used in various industries and sizes. In addition, it is very easy to learn how to use, so no in-depth robot programming knowledge is required. Just plug it into a power outlet and start welding!

Flex Series Palletizer
Lorenscheit Automatisierungs Flex Series Palletizer

The Flex Series Palletizer from Lorenscheit Automation Technology is an all-in-one palletizing solution combining a cobot, a vacuum gripper and Lorenscheit’s proprietary software. This complete solution allows you to easily automate your end-of-line packing. With the Universal Robots UR10e and an additional vertical axis, packages weighing up to 7.5 kg can be palletized to heights up to 2.20 m.

APC-15 / APC-35
SKDK APC-15 / APC-35

This is a simple yet smart palletizing system that, thanks to its intuitive and straightforward setup process, can be flexibly deployed to any location and tailored to any palletizing task even if the operator has no programming experience. All that is required is a three-phase power connection and a compressed air supply. The patented system can be packed up for transport in just a few steps (requiring no tools) and can be set up again just as quickly at the new location. The APC-15 can handle up to 7 packages per minute with a maximum package weight of up to 11kg can be palletized. If heavier packages are being handled, an upgraded variant is available with a max package weight of 35kg.


The SKDK APCX-10 is a simple yet ingenious palletizing system that, thanks to an intuitive setup wizard, can be flexibly deployed to any location and tailored to any palletizing task without any programming knowledge. Only a 230V connection and a compressed air supply are needed The patented system can be assembled for transport in just a few steps without tools and can be set up again just as quickly at the new location. This variant can palletize up to 7 packages per minute with a maximum package weight of up to 8kg.


The SKDK APCX-20 palletizer is a simple and ingenious palletizing system that, thanks to an intuitive setup wizard, can be used flexibly at any location and tailored to any task without any programming knowledge. All you need is a 230V connection and a compressed air supply.

The patented system can be assembled for transport in a few simple steps without tools and set up again just as quickly at the new place of use. Up to 7 packages per minute with a maximum package weight of up to 18kg can be palletized.

MegBot - MN
Megvii MegBot - MN

Megvii's MegBot - MN (MiniLoad) is an innovative automated container storage solution designed to help enterprises respond to market changes quickly with efficient operation, flexible deployment, and intuitive management. The system is powered by Megvii's advanced Al algorithm, enabling traditional automation equipment to create a highly flexible, box-type, high-speed access solution to maximize space and performance. The fully automated system significantly improves warehouse quality, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

The MegBot - MN features several benefits, including high efficiency with a walk speed of 360m/min, lifting speed of 180m/min, and walking acceleration of 3m/2 and lifting acceleration of 3m/52. It is also reliable with a timing belt drive for smooth running and an anti-lock function for UPS drive. The system is flexible and suitable for single/dual-deep shelves and various sizes of bins/cartons. It is also height-adapted to 3-14m, making full use of the storage space. Furthermore, it is lightweight due to the new aluminum column design, which is lighter in weight and lower in energy consumption, and aluminum floor rails that replace traditional steel rails.

The MegBot - MN offers high-density storage and cost-effective automated container storage solutions, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for efficient and flexible warehouse management solutions. The system's advanced Al algorithm and fully automated design ensure that it provides more efficient operation, more flexible deployment, and more intuitive management.

Spin Robotics SpinBOT-Kit

Intelligent Robotic System for End-to-end Turnkey Solutions and Robotic Devices

Robotic Devices

Optimal robotic devices structures and kinematics, generated by our SW modules, for various types of tasks that are programmed by hand guidanence or pre-prepared block functions.

Robotics Arms

  • 4-axis pick and place robot
  • 5-axis palletizing robot
  • 6-axis serial robot
  • 7-axis articulated robot

Robot Periphery

  • 1-axis rotary indexing table
  • 2-axis positioner
  • 3-axis positioner to increase the movement


horstCUBE plug & play Laser
fruitcore robotics horstCUBE plug & play Laser

The horstCUBE plug & play Laser from fruitcore robotics is a unique and all-in-one marking solution that enables flexible 360° marking of components. The laser marking cell is equipped with a high-power laser and comes with a standard configuration that includes a digital robot HORST600, horstCUBE protective enclosure completely closed, extraction and filtration system, two drawer system, Keyence MD-X2 – 13 Watt marking laser, electrical 2-jaw parallel gripper, switch cabinet for the integration of peripherals, safety elements, locking, and a four-colour signal light.

The horstCUBE plug & play Laser also comes with a package for laser marking that includes configuration of laser and camera, commissioning, and program creation. The package is designed to ensure that customers can easily configure and operate the horstCUBE plug & play Laser without any complications. Furthermore, the horstCUBE plug & play Laser is validated and tested by fruitcore robotics, making it a reliable and efficient solution.

One of the advantages of the horstCUBE plug & play Laser is its high autonomy time thanks to its two-drawer system, which enables the marking of components without interruption. Additionally, the horstCUBE plug & play Laser can mark components without changing grip, which saves time and enhances efficiency. The control of the horstCUBE plug & play Laser is entirely via horstCONTROL, eliminating the need for a PLC.

Another advantage of the horstCUBE plug & play Laser is its calculable price frame, which makes it an affordable solution for many customers. fruitcore robotics also provides feasibility studies through a specialized partner to ensure that customers can evaluate the suitability of the horstCUBE plug & play Laser for their specific applications.

Finally, the horstCUBE plug & play Laser is an all-in-one solution that saves space and is quiet, making it ideal for use in different environments. In case of different requirements, fruitcore robotics' experts can provide advice on the use of other components to ensure that the solution meets the customer's needs.

horstCUBE plug & play part separation
fruitcore robotics horstCUBE plug & play part separation

The horstCUBE plug & play Separation by fruitcore robotics is a comprehensive solution for the flexible separation of bulk material through camera recognition and part separator. The cell can also integrate further process steps such as part output, inspection, sorting, or labeling. The package offers a calculable price framework, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for various industries.

The standard configuration of horstCUBE plug & play part separation includes horstCUBE robot platform, Digital Robot HORST600, VarioShaker 270 bulk material separator from variobotic, 5L vibration hopper, camera, and electrical 2-jaw parallel gripper. Additional adjustments, the use of other components, and integration of further process steps may lead to additional integration costs.

The package includes assembly of horstCUBE and connection to an existing process, configuration of hopper, part separator, and camera, installation and program creation, and modification of horstCUBE, such as machining of metal sheets to connect the cell to a plant.

The horstCUBE plug & play Separation is a versatile solution that can be customized to meet specific requirements. fruitcore robotics' experts can provide advice and feasibility studies for different applications.

The horstCUBE plug & play Separation offers several advantages, including easy and intuitive configuration and operation, fast project planning and implementation, guaranteed fast delivery of all components, mapping of processes without additional PLC, and space-saving and quiet all-in-one design.

In summary, the horstCUBE plug & play Separation is a flexible and efficient solution for the separation of bulk material, which can be customized to meet specific requirements. The package offers fast project planning and implementation, guaranteed fast delivery, and a calculable price framework, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

MegBot - PS
Megvii MegBot - PS

Megvii's MegBot - PS (Pallet Shuttle) is an innovative warehouse automation solution that utilizes advanced robotics technology to optimize the storage and retrieval of palletized goods in a warehouse or distribution center. The unique design and distributed control architecture, combined with the intelligent software empowered by Megvii's AI platform, make the MegBot - PS a representative of the new generation of pallet shuttle systems.

The MegBot - PS 3D pallet shuttle system has the potential to increase capacity, improve space utilization, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and enhance productivity in automated warehouses and distribution centers. Since its launch, around 500 units have been implemented worldwide in just six months.

One of the significant features of the Megvii HETU software system is its ability to manage large-scale robotics operations efficiently. It excels in scheduling and algorithm optimization, using advanced AI algorithms to control inbound and outbound pallet transfers automatically, without the need for user interference.

The Megvii 3D pallet shuttle system is highly adaptable and can be used in any type of warehouse, regardless of its layout. The system can be designed and configured based on the specific needs of the warehouse, providing a customized solution that meets the unique requirements of each operation.

Scalability is another significant advantage of the MegBot - PS system. The use of standard hardware and modular software makes expansion very easy, and future throughput increases can be achieved by adding more 2D shuttles.

Reliability is a critical factor in warehouse automation, and the MegBot - PS system is designed with this in mind. The distributed control architecture provides more system redundancy to avoid whole system failure due to a single point of failure.

Flexibility is another key feature of the MegBot - PS system. The configuration of the system can be changed upon demand, allowing for high selectivity or high density, depending on the needs of the warehouse operation. Overall, the Megvii MegBot - PS system is a flexible, adaptable, and reliable solution that can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of warehouse and distribution center operations.

MegBot AS/RS
Megvii MegBot AS/RS
MegBot - SRM
Megvii MegBot - SRM

Megvii's MegBot - SRM is an intelligent stacker that is designed to empower logistics operations in warehouses with digital capabilities through image perception technology. In the modern era of complex and discrete logistics subsystems, traditional logistics technology is no longer sufficient to cope with the challenges. The MegBot - SRM aims to improve the performance of equipment and the management level of automated stereo warehouses.

One of the major advantages of MegBot - SRM is its high replicability, which makes it easy to be rapidly rolled out in many automated warehouses. It also offers low maintenance costs, helping companies reduce costs and increase efficiency through process control. Megvii has developed a self-developed algorithm that boasts 99.9% accuracy, making it one of the most reliable stackers in the market.

The MegBot - SRM is also highly scalable, covering the complex and diverse long-tail needs of different types of warehouses. With its advanced image perception technology, it can navigate through the narrowest of aisles with ease, while accurately picking and placing products. Its high accuracy and efficiency make it an ideal choice for companies looking to streamline their warehouse operations and boost productivity.

In conclusion, the Megvii's MegBot - SRM is an innovative solution that brings digital capabilities to warehouses through image perception technology. Its high replicability, low maintenance costs, high accuracy, and scalability make it a game-changer for the logistics industry, providing companies with the tools they need to improve their warehouse operations and stay ahead of the competition.

What is a Turnkey Robot Solution?

A turnkey robot solution is a complete, ready-to-use system that provides a full range of hardware, software, and services required to perform a specific task or process. It includes all the components and technology necessary to automate a process, and is often provided by a single supplier who takes care of the entire design, installation, and commissioning process, minimizing the need for the customer to have specialized technical knowledge.

Why is it called Turnkey Robot Solution?

The term "turnkey" refers to the idea that the solution is fully ready to use and requires no additional effort from the customer to get it up and running. A "turnkey robot solution" is therefore a complete and ready-to-use robot system that is designed to perform a specific task or process. The customer can simply plug in the system and start using it immediately, with minimal setup or installation required. The term turnkey suggests that the supplier has taken care of everything, and the customer only needs to "turn the key" to start using the solution.

What are some common reasons that people opt for Turnkey Robot solutions?

As mentioned previously, Turnkey Robot solutions refer to pre-built and ready-to-use robots that can perform specific tasks or functions without requiring any additional customization or programming. Here are some common reasons why people might turn to Turnkey Robot solutions:

1. Limited technical expertise:

For individuals or businesses that lack the technical expertise needed to build and program custom robots, Turnkey Robot solutions can offer a more accessible and straightforward option.

2. Time constraints:

Turnkey Robot solutions can save time compared to building a robot from scratch or customizing a pre-built robot to meet specific needs.

3. Budget constraints:

Developing custom robots can be costly. Turnkey Robot solutions can offer a more affordable option, especially for individuals or businesses on a tight budget.

4. Specific use cases:

Turnkey Robot solutions are often designed to perform specific tasks or functions, such as welding or material handling. For use cases where a pre-built robot can meet the required specifications, a Turnkey Robot solution can be a suitable option.

5. Quality assurance:

Turnkey Robot solutions are typically tested and verified for quality and performance, which can provide assurance to users that the robot will work as intended.

Applications for a Turnkey Robot Solution:

Turnkey robot solutions are used in a variety of industries and applications, including:


Automated assembly lines, material handling, and packaging processes.

Warehousing and logistics:

Automated order fulfillment, material handling, and storage processes.


Automated surgical procedures, patient handling, and rehabilitation exercises.


Automated planting, harvesting, and crop maintenance processes.


Automated inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service processes.

Service industries:

Automated cleaning, maintenance, and repair processes.

Research and Development:

Automated laboratory procedures and testing processes.

Turnkey robot solutions can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, while reducing the need for manual labor and increasing overall productivity.

Popular Types of Turnkey Robot Solutions:

Some common types of turnkey robot solutions include:

1. Material handling systems:

These systems use robots to handle materials and transport them from one location to another, and are often used in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers.

2. Assembly systems:

These systems use robots to assemble products or components, and are commonly used in the electronics, automotive, and consumer goods industries.

3. Welding systems:

These systems use robots to perform welding operations, and are commonly used in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

4. Painting and coating systems:

These systems use robots to apply paint or coatings to products or components, and are commonly used in the automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries.

5. Packaging and palletizing systems:

These systems use robots to package and palletize products, and are commonly used in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries.

6. Quality inspection systems:

These systems use robots to inspect products or components for defects, and are commonly used in the electronics, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

These are just a few examples of common types of turnkey robot solutions. The specific type of solution required will depend on the specific application and requirements of each individual customer.

Benefits of a Turnkey Robot Solution:

There are several benefits of using a turnkey robot solution, including:

1. Reduced setup time:

Turnkey solutions are designed to be easy to install and get up and running, reducing the time and effort required to get started.

2. Improved reliability:

Turnkey solutions are often supplied by experienced suppliers who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, reliable products.

3. Increased efficiency:

Automated processes are often more efficient than manual processes, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

4. Improved accuracy:

Automated processes are less prone to human error, leading to increased accuracy and consistency.

5. Reduced labor costs:

Automated processes can reduce the need for manual labor, leading to lower labor costs and increased profitability.

6. Scalability:

Turnkey solutions can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing business needs, making them a flexible and adaptable solution.

7. Technical support:

Turnkey solutions often come with technical support and ongoing maintenance services, ensuring that the solution remains up and running and performing optimally over time.

Challenges with utilising a Turnkey Robot Solution:

While turnkey robot solutions can offer many benefits to businesses, such as increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced costs, there are also some challenges that businesses should be aware of when considering the implementation of a turnkey robot solution. Here are a few examples:

1. Cost:

One of the main challenges associated with turnkey robot solutions is the cost of implementation. These solutions typically involve significant upfront costs, such as the purchase of the robot, software, and related equipment, as well as installation and training costs. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and support costs can also add up over time.

2. Integration with existing processes:

Integrating a turnkey robot solution into existing manufacturing processes can be challenging. The robot must be programmed to perform specific tasks and work alongside other machines and equipment in the factory. This requires coordination and communication between different departments and systems, which can be complex and time-consuming.

3. Workforce training and acceptance:

Implementing a turnkey robot solution can require training and upskilling of the existing workforce. This can be a challenge for some employees, particularly those who are not familiar with robotics and automation technologies. Additionally, there may be resistance to change or fear of job loss among the workforce.

4. Limited flexibility:

Turnkey robot solutions are typically designed to perform specific tasks or functions. This can limit their flexibility and adaptability to changing production needs or environments. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase additional robots or reprogram existing robots to accommodate changes in production.

5. Maintenance and support:

While turnkey robot solutions are designed to be reliable and durable, they still require ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance. This can be a challenge for businesses that lack the necessary resources or expertise to maintain and repair the robots. Additionally, any downtime caused by maintenance or repair can impact production schedules and lead to lost revenue.

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