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PalletizCRX Pricing

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PalletizCRX Overview

What is PalletizCRX?

Manufactured by ONExia, a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator specializing in collaborative robots, the PalletizCRX is a turn-key palletizer using the FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot.

By using a FANUC cobot, the PalletizCRX requires no physical guarding to operate within the work cell drastically decreasing the footprint of adding automation.

The PalletizCRX is a fully collaborative solution for FANUC users looking for a flexible alternative to standard industrial palletizing robots.

PalletizCRX Features:
The PalletizCRX requires no programming and can be deployed to an existing packaging line in under an hour.

Minimal footprint
- no guarding or caging needed
- easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack
- full rating for entire system
Quick deployment
- requires a standard outlet and an air line
Continuous operation
- palletize to both sides