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Pick & Place automation Pricing

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Pick & Place automation Overview

What is Pick & Place automation?

Pick & Place automation offers the necessary support for large-scale (robots) or small-scale (cobots) production.

Pick and place robots
Pick & place robots perform repetitive work at very high production rates. These robots generally have a lower payload, which allows them to reach higher speeds. The pick & place machines are often equipped with integrated vision and line tracking systems, so that products can be delivered to the robot ‘at random’.

Flexible Robots

The range of Pick & Place robots includes models that can be suspended above the product. We call these ‘Delta’ robots with (three robot arms). We also offer more conventional robots, or ‘Scara’ robots, which can be placed beside a conveyor belt. The Scara robots in particular can achieve very short cycle times and are attractively priced.

Pick and place cobots

A pick & place cobot is the compact version of a pick & place robot. It also carries out highly repetitive work, but with a lower production of parts. The cobot is a good choice for small and medium-sized industrial companies.

Pick and place benefits
• Very high capacity and efficiency
• Intelligent control
• Easy to equip with vision and line tracking
• High accuracy
• Flexible
• Minimum changeover times
• Suitable for food and non-food applications

What applications is Pick & Place automation product best for?

Jobs carried out by pick and place robots:
• picking up and moving items
• assembly and screwing
• packing and unpacking of boxes or crates
• bin picking
• inspection