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PalletizUR Pricing

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PalletizUR Overview

What is PalletizUR?

A portable, collaborative palletizing system that features drag-and-drop software for pallet building.

A robotic palletizer is a robotic cell that is designed to stack boxes and other standardized products onto a pallet for final shipment. By using collaborative robots for palletizing, reliable workers can focus on the value-added tasks upstream in the manufacturing process.

Introducing the PalletizUR
The PalletizUR is a turn-key solution that enables end-users to automate palletizing without writing a line of code.

Palletizing with a collaborative robot

Being collaborative means it works along-side workers, cage-free!

This allows a robotic palletizing system to be added to existing lines without any additional guarding or fencing making set up simple and non-invasive.

Designed and built by a robotics integrator specializing in cobots, the PalletizUR is a flexible alternative to standard palletizing machinery.

Automate palletizing using a collaborative robot without writing a line of code.

Every PalletizUR comes with our ONExia Robotics drag-and-drop palletizing software preloaded on the touchscreen interface.

No engineering degree needed

The PalletizUR can be quickly adjusted for new pallet configurations as production demands change.

  • Simplified interface - control the entire system through the embedded touch screen
  • Drag-and-drop software - build pallets with no programming needed
  • Pallet library - save and recall 100's of pallets for even quicker changeover