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Linear unit KGT 6 60 P20 Pricing

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Linear unit KGT 6 60 P20 Overview

What is Linear unit KGT 6 60 P20?

Compact, precise and dynamic! Linear Unit KGT 6 60 P20 combines a ball screw drive that has a stroke of up to 2600 mm with a strong carriage, and does so in the smallest of installation spaces.In applications with a long travel distance, travelling spindle supports keep everything running smoothly and precisely without sacrificing dynamics. Radial stabilisers on the inside of the axis provide perfect support for the specially shaped spindle regardless of the stroke length and carriage position.Thanks to its installation dimensions of just 60x60 mm and two Line 6 groves on its side flanks, Linear Unit KGT 6 60 is very easy to integrate into constructions. Featuring a spindle lead of 20 mm per revolution, the system can reach a speed of up to 1 m/s, even at maximum stroke. Acceleration is up to 15 m/s2.The carriage runs on two recirculating ball units that exhibit minimal reversal play during a change of direction. This enables reliable positioning with a repeatability of 0.01 mm at a high feed force of up to 1000 N. The powerful ball screw unit is thus ideal as a single axis for moving tools and workpieces with absolute precision. When combined with additional KGT 6 60 units and other item Linear Units, the spindle axis can be used to build precise and strong 2D and 3D gantries.An unbroken cover strip conceals the inner workings and therefore provides protection from soiling. The spindle is low-maintenance and features lifetime lubrication.These plug-and-play solutions can be connected to item Motors in 40 mm and 60 mm sizes without the need for additional machining. Drive Set KGT 6 60 universal is available for use with other drives.The whole selection and design process can be completed in next to no time when using item MotionDesigner®. The software maps out the entire system to suit your transport task. The Linear Unit is supplied as a ready-to-install solution in a custom length.

What are the specifications of Linear unit KGT 6 60 P20?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit