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Ai 3 Pricing

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€ $ £ ¥ 12345.00

Ai 3 Overview

What is Ai 3?

Innovatively adopting the product design principles of JAKA S³ (Smart, Simple, Small), and integrating with advanced robot technologies such as wireless teaching, graphical programming, and visual protection, it revolutionizes the way of Human-Cobot interaction, improves the safety of human-machine cooperation, and greatly reduces the threshold of robots using. Meanwhile, JAKA All-in-one Cobots deeply integrates plug-and-play vision to ensure the natural interaction and autonomous adaptation among cobots, humans and operating environment, which significantly broadens the application boundary of robots.

What applications is Ai 3 product best for?

3C Electronics, Advanced Manufacturing, Education, New Business

What are the specifications of Ai 3?

Payload 3 kg
Reach 626 mm