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The MG15HL model is a highly rigid, wide motion range robot with an ultra-high payload capacity of 1,500 kg and maximum reach of 4,005 mm. Kawasaki's patented hybrid link mechanism for JT2 (arm out-in) and JT3 (arm up-down) makes it possible to achieve a maximum payload capacity without the use of bulky and limiting counterweights. The hybrid link mechanism gives the robot the power to lift and manipulate heavy loads with great ease and high repeatability. The second and third axes that affect motion accuracy use highly rigid ball screws with minimal backlash. This reduces arm deflection while enabling high positioning accuracy. The robot's unprecedented rigidity makes it ideal for high counterforce applications such as riveting, drilling, machining and friction spot joining.

What are the specifications of MG15HL?

Payload 1500 kg
Reach 4005 mm

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