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The NTS series robot can access 2 and 3 FOUPs of EFEM without a track. The specially designed drive system enables the robot to move incredibly smoothly and with high precision. The series is compliant with the SEMI-F47 standard as well as the SEMI-S2 standard.

What are the specifications of NTS10?

Reach 1066 mm

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Mohan Raj Nadarajan

SR Privtae Limited

Nov 28, 2022

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Semiconductor wafer use in Equipment Front End Handling machines
The standard device available in the global market for wafer pick and place between multiple stations with higher accuracy and repeatability. Kawasaki offers custom solution for higher payload requirements or other needs. In addition, the robot is taught with the preconfigured stations and motion paths between multiple stations. It is also able to achieve a shortest sweep diameter to build the smallest footprint tool for stringent requirements. The stability of the wafer holded on robot is quite good due to the advanced vacuum end effector solutions offered by Kawasaki. The post sales support is also good with firmware updates provided, if requested.
The cost of the robot is comparatively high. The robot utility software doesnot allow to control the joint whole body control of the robot, it allows only joint control. The logging tool for alarms and events are not available. The logging tool helps to analyse the frequency of alarms and perform a root cause analysis of the issue. The kawasaki robot controller doesnot allow to control from the host software via custom communication protocol. The custom communication protocol allows to change the delimiter, headers and other characters based on customer requirements. Kawasaki robot utility doesnot have a very efficient animation to view the wafer status at stations.

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