Top 10 KR 1000 Alternatives

  • STÄUBLI TX2-90
  • KUKA KR 60 L30 KS
  • KUKA KR 1000 L750 Titan
  • KUKA KR 1000 Titan F
  • KUKA KR 6-2
  • KUKA KR 6
  • KUKA KR 30
  • KUKA KR 240
  • KUKA KR 16 L6
  • KUKA KR 60 L45 KS
  • KUKA KR 100 PA
4.3/5 (6)
Payload 14kg | Reach 1000mm

The Stäubli TX2-90 industrial robot range represents a formidable next-generation 6-axis robotic arm solution. With a payload capacity of up to 14 kg and an impressive maximum reach of 1450 mm, these robots offer a remarkable blend of speed, rigidity, and precision, making them versatile across various industries. One notable feature is their compatibility with optional SIL3-PLe safety functionalities, which ensure both high productivity and secure human-machine collaboration.

These robots are fully connected to the production world, with compatibility with all production devices and ERP systems, as well as standardized real-time communication protocols. They offer exceptional connectivity to grippers and parts, enabling modular safe control even for small batch sizes. Additionally, the encapsulated Ethernet Cat5e facilitates integration with multiple grippers, cameras, and sensors, enhancing their adaptability in smart manufacturing environments.

3.7/5 (1)
Payload 30-25 kg | Reach 26mm
KUKA's KR 60 L30 KS is a shelf mounted robot with 6 axes and an ability to handle a payload of up to 30 kg. KR 60 L30 KS KR C2 robots are ideal for material handling applications and smaller projects.
KUKA KR 1000 L750 Titan
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Payload 750kg | Reach 3601mm
The KUKA KR 1000 L750 Titan is the perfect choice for a variety of heavy duty applications to include assembly, handling, picking, loading, or spot welding. It has a huge payload of 750 kg and a long 3600 mm reach. The KR 1000 L750 Titan can efficiently and precisely handle items such as engine blocks, stone, glass, steel sections, pieces for ships or aircraft, marble blocks, precast concrete parts, and much more! This robot is ready to handle all of your big, heavy duty jobs and complete them with ease. It will be paired with the KR C4 controller and will only bring an increased wait to efficiency on your production floor.
KUKA KR 1000 Titan F
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Payload 1000kg | Reach 3202mm
When a heavy duty job calls, the KUKA KR 1000 Titan F will answer; efficiently, precisely, and accurately, increasing your floors overall productivity! It can handle a variety of large, heavy objects such as concrete parts, ship or aircraft parts, and/or marble blocks. With a 3202 mm reach, and 1000 kg payload, there really is no other answer for the needs of your application. The KR 1000 Titan F is paired with the KR C4 and ready to boost your heavy duty needs, ASAP!
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Payload 6kg | Reach 1611mm
The KUKA KR 6-2 is part of the low payload family. The KUKA KR 6-2 KR C4 robot comes equipped with a KR C4 controller and has a 6 kg payload. Great for many applications, the KUKA KR 6-2 is cost effective and efficient. Versatility and flexibility make the KUKA KR 6-2 one of the most popular robot in the KUKA line. This KUKA model has streamlined robot design, with a level of precision that is unmatched by manual applications. The KR 6-2 has several different variations, such as the KUKA KR 6-2 W, which give manufacturers flexible production layout options.
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Payload 6kg | Reach 1570mm
The Kuka KR 6 offers smooth movement and space-efficiency. Highly reliable, the Kuka KR 6 KR C2 is easily operated and integrated for a variety of applications. With a 6 kg capacity, it provides an effective handling, assembly, machining, and coating solution for low payload projects. Formed from cast light alloy, the KR 6 KR C2 body offers intrinsic flexibility and top performance. All moving parts are covered and protected in the KR 6. Its compact structure provides easy workpiece access and efficient use of floor space.
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Payload 30kg | Reach 2033mm
The highly flexible and durable KUKA KR 30 handles diverse applications. Its modular design allows for simple payload and reach modifications. With a small footprint and variable mounting options, the KR 30 KR C2 fits the bill for space-efficiency and versatility. The KR 30 KR C2 robot is easily customized for different projects and requirements. It is capable of low to medium payloads, and powerful, accurate movement. The KR 30 JET robot system is also available. This robot is light weight and extremely fast. It has a linear axis, jointed-arm and JET TRACK axis module that helps to free up valuable floor space. The robot knee can be mounted overhead or on the wall, providing optimum axial symmetry to ensure the robot's reach, deep into machines. The modular structure of the KR 30 JET enables execution of the individual user and task-specific program sequences. Up to two robots can be deployed on the JET traversing axis, making it possible to tend several machines or positions at the same time to further optimize the production process. There is a wide range of gantry variants and a specially adapted linear unit to ensure speed and workspace are maximized. This system can be easily adapted to your current needs because of the overhead or side mounting options. The KR 30 JET has a 0.07 mm repeatability, a 1682.5 mm reach, and can cover distances of up to 30 meters. It can take parts out of machines from above with speed, precision, and high repeatability.
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Payload 240kg | Reach 2700mm
The KUKA KR 240 features a large load-bearing capacity, enabling it to carry heavy tooling and parts quickly with smooth motions. The KR 240 KR C2 robot is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing concepts. The long 2700 mm reach of the KR 240 KR C2 arm provides it with enough versatility to handle complex tasks. The series 2000 KUKA arms can be easily upgraded, allowing for longer use and more reliability.
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Payload 6kg | Reach 1811mm
The KUKA KR 16 L6 is a long reach low payload robot arm. It features an arm extender that expands the reach to 1911 mm. The payload is reduced to 6 kg on the KR 16 L6 KR C2 arm. The KR 16 L6 KR C2 robot is particularly useful for arc welding across a large surface. It also can easily move small materials long distances.
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Payload 45kg | Reach 2430mm
The KUKA KR 60 L45 KS robot is a shelf mounted robot. The KR 60 L45 KS KR C2 is equipped with a lower payload and a longer reach. Six axes, 45 kg payload capacity, and a reach of 2430 mm make the KR 60 L45 KS KR C2 ideal for material handling task.