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What is KR 150 R2700 Extra?

Offering a weight savings of over 160 kg, the KUKA KR 150 R2700 Extra offers all the benefits of the standard model, and more! It maintains the same payload of 150 kg and long reach of 2696 mm. It also has an increased sleek design, to help aid in the integration of existing cell layouts with minimal disruption. The KR 150 R2700 Extra is also more robust to easily power through the heavy duty jobs. This KR QUANTEC extra offers your production line better performance with increased rates of precision, energy efficiency, and availability. It is paired with the KR C4 and ready to bring your big job a seamless solution!

What are the specifications of KR 150 R2700 Extra?

Payload 150 kg
Reach 2696 mm

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