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What is KR 16 L8-3 Arc HW?

By choosing the KUKA KR 16 L8-3 Arc HW, manufacturers are receiving a powerful, precise arc welder that is flexible enough to perform several other applications. Along with increasing productivity and producing superior quality welds, the KR 18 L8 Arc KR C4 will also perform material handling and material removal operations like assembly and cuttingprocesses. With the hollow wrist in-arm cable routing, the amount of wear and tear is minimized, lowering maintenance costs.

What are the specifications of KR 16 L8-3 Arc HW?

Payload 8 kg
Reach 2016 mm

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Cengiz OLCAY

Tobor Rbt

Jan 4, 2023

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We used the robot to improve the quality of welding processes. There was a manufacturing dependent on welder workers. Sometimes they could deliberately slow things down. We saved the company from this negative situation.
Due to the hollow shaft, welding cables do not take up much space. This provides faster and more flexible programming of robot movements. There is also a programming program where you can specify all welding parameters in one line. In this way, you can make programs with fewer lines.
During use, you need to make a control barrier around it. Also, the "start up" and "teach" processes are very long. If a wide variety of products are produced and this changes frequently, programming and startup take a very long time in total.

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