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The KUKA KR 210-2 F (Foundry) is a robust, 6 axis robot that offers astonishing performance even in extreme conditions. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables long operating hours in continuous operation. This results in maximum repeatability, better production quality, fewer rejects, and overall greater efficiency. The KR 210-2 F brings power with its high motor capacity and high-torque gear units in all axes. It also enables flexible solutions for areas that have previously required costly special solutions while also providing efficient cell concepts for foundries. It can work in a wide range of work spaces including washing cells, brushing and deburring cells, as well as wet areas and applications subject to a high degree of fouling. Furthermore, the maintenance intervals are improved, reducing the overall cost. This intelligent KR 210-2 F has sealing air systems and is not phased by extreme ambient conditions. Its specially treated surface handles waterjets, permanent air humidity, and dirt particles very well. This robot's protection class is IP 65 with an IP 67 for its wrist protection. The KR 210-2 F is paired with the KR C4 controller.

What are the specifications of KR 210-2 F?

Payload 210 kg
Reach 2700 mm

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