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What is KR 210 R2700 Extra?

Offering a more cost-effective version to the popular KUKA KR 210 R2700 prime, the KUKA KR 210 R2700 extra brings an incredibly reliable and versatile solution. KUKA designed this robot to have a reduced moving mass to allow the rounders to set new standards in precision, performance, and energy efficiency. Overall, the KR 21 R2700 extra is more streamlined, more compact, and more robust, allowing for the domination of a variety of applications and ultimate performance on our work floor. With a high payload of 210 kg and a massive reach of 2700 mm, the KR 210 KR C4 robot is ready to show you how its done.

What are the specifications of KR 210 R2700 Extra?

Payload 210 kg
Reach 2700 mm

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