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What is KR 240 R3200 PA?

The KR 240 R3200 PA (KR QUANTEC) is a 5-axis robot that truly impresses with its speed and optimal acceleration values. It has a reach of 3195 mm and can handle a payload of 240 kg; it is ready to tackle a variety of applications such as material handling, order picking, palletizing, and part transfer. The KR QUANTEC's design was thoughtfully created to ensure the best possible acceleration values, even at the very maximum load. Paired with the KR C4 controller, this robot is sure to bring your production line many cost savings and increase the overall product quality.

What are the specifications of KR 240 R3200 PA?

Payload 240 kg
Reach 3195 mm

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Aug 30, 2023

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Robotic spot welding / sealing / handling

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