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What is KR 3 R540?

The intelligent design of the KR 3 R540 (AGILUS) makes it a very cost-effective, reliable robot that is one of the fastest in its class. It is the answer for your next project that requires minimum cycle times while producing maximum output. The 6 axis KR 3 AGILUS is the ideal robot for the production of small parts or for tackling any of the following applications that requires a 3 kg payload: pick and place, screw fastening, brazing, adhesive bonding, packaging, testing and checking, and much more. In addition, the KR 3 R540 robot is compact, has a 541 mm reach, and works perfectly in confined spaces or 600 x 600 mm automation cells. Overall, the KR 3 AGILUS is a trustworthy automationsolution that will end up saving you money in numerous areas, including lower maintenance costs.

What are the specifications of KR 3 R540?

Payload 3 kg
Reach 541 mm

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