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What is KR 360 FORTEC?

When your job requires a heavy duty worker, look no further than the KUKA KR 360 FORTEC. This robot takes pride in its strength, fortitude, and proven technology, completing a variety of heavy duty tasks with grace and ease. For instance, in the automotive industry, the KR 360 FORTEC make heavy loads, such as welding guns, look easy. It can handle up to 360 kg, has a 2826 mm reach, and is paired with the advanced KR C4 controller to deliver the very best heavy duty handling out there! Additionally, this robot can be easily integrated into existing layouts with their hole mounting pattern designs. The KUKA KR 360 FORTEC comes in a few variants to better cater to your specific automationneeds. Most all are also available as foundry-versions. These variants include: The KUKA KR 360 R3080: Payload – 360 kg Reach – 3080 mm The KUKA KR 240 R3330: Payload – 240 kg Reach – 3330 mm It is easy to see why the KR 360 FORTECT is the perfect robot to remain flexible for the needs of a wide range of applications, such as assembly, cutting, material handling, and spot welding. No matter your heavy duty needs, the KR 360 FORTEC and it's variants are ready to answer the call.

What are the specifications of KR 360 FORTEC?

Payload 360 kg
Reach 2826 mm

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