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What is KR 5 Sixx R650?

Short cycle times, combined with high accuracy, make the KUKA KR 5 Sixx an excellent choice for many assembly applications. A compact arm with a 5 kg payload, the KR 5 Sixx is available with two reach options: 650 mm and 850 mm. The high-speed arm has six axes and can be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling. A high-performance KUKA PC-based controller makes the KR 5 Sixx KR C2 SR easy to program and operate. The KUKA small robot line is ideal for applications that require precision and speed. The power and fluid lines of the KR 5 Sixx KR C2 SR are integrated into the robots to reduce interference. The KR 5 sixx can also be ordered with an optional dust- and splash-proof package that results in a rating of IP65. The low weight and fist-shaped envelope of this arm results in quick performance, even in confined work areas.

What are the specifications of KR 5 Sixx R650?

Payload 5 kg
Reach 650 mm

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