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What is KR 6 R700 Sixx?

The KUKA KR 6 R700 Sixx Agilus is up to 50% faster than its predecessor. It is known for its high speeds and amazing precision which makes it perfect for tackling material handling and removal processes. It is a versatile robot, engineered to work within many different factory layouts and industries with its 700mm reach and a 6kg payload capacity. The KR 6 R700 has an IP54 rating and requires low maintenance needs and an integrated energy supply system. There is also a waterproof version available, the KR 6 R700 Sixx WP. With an IP67 protection rating, it is the perfect option for harsh environments. It offers stable stainless steel covers, additional interior seals, and resistant surface treatments. These robots will be paired with the KRC4 Compact controller.

What are the specifications of KR 6 R700 Sixx?

Payload 6 kg
Reach 707 mm

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