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What is KR 60 JET?

Extend your workspace with the KUKA KR 60 JET gantry robot. With the ideal combination of linear and jointed-arm, this system provides two big advantages. First, the work envelope is radically widened as the Kuka KR 60 KR C2 can travel back and forth on a custom length track. Second, this extremely fast Kuka KR 60 JET robot system features a traversing velocity of up to 3.2 meters per second. The KR 60 JET KR C2 robot line can be installed in both inverted and side-mounted positions. The overall weight of the Kuka KR 60 JET arm is reduced as a result of eliminating axis 1. This results in optimal accelerations and higher working velocities. Shorter cycle times result in greater productivity.

What are the specifications of KR 60 JET?

Payload 60 kg
Reach 2002 mm

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