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OPR Pricing

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OPR Overview

What is OPR?

DescriptionCollision and overload protection with automatic reset for protecting robots and handling units against damage resulting from collisions or overload conditions.

Field of applicationStandard solution for all robot applications whereby the robot, the tool or the workpiece are to be protected against greater damages in case of a collision.

Advantages – Your benefits:

Automatic reset
for faster production restart after a collision
Triggering force and torque can be adjusted via the operating pressure
for optimal protection of your robots and components
Integrated monitoring
for signal transmission without delay in case of collisions so that the robot can be stopped immediately
ISO adapter plates as an option
for easy assembly to most of robot types without any manufacturing costs/work
On option also with integrated springs
for maintaining the position in the event of pressure loss
Mechanical flexibility in the event of collisions
for compensation of the robot's reaction pathway in the event of a collision or overload