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Educational SoftGripper - 3 Fingers Pricing

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Educational SoftGripper - 3 Fingers Overview

What is Educational SoftGripper - 3 Fingers?

Meet our new customized SoftGripper, brought to you straight from the world of industrial automation to the classroom: The Educational SoftGripper. The multifunctional and robust design makes this SoftGripper great for the education sector. Collision of the robot with surfaces or objects? No drama, the gripper is soft! Gripping multiple or different objects is also possible!

What applications is Educational SoftGripper - 3 Fingers product best for?

A gripper that resembles human fingers can grip much more precisely and gently than a simple steel claw. Accordingly, virtually all everyday objects can be handled by this 3-finger-gripper:

  • Packaged Food
  • Mechanical parts
  • Consumables

What are the specifications of Educational SoftGripper - 3 Fingers?