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Tripple Finger SoftActuator Overview

What is Tripple Finger SoftActuator?

We provide the SoftActuators, you choose the shape of your base. Whether you prefer aluminum construction profiles or bend plates, these are made to fit. Our proven pneumatically driven fingers are made of FDA-approved silicon rubber with a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles. You can mount them on every EOAT setup without the need to get a special base. Our SoftActuators are made in a hygienic design to be easily cleaned.

What applications is Tripple Finger SoftActuator product best for?

  • For engineers who want to build their own EOAT
  • For a huge variety of objects
  • For easy adjustment when the gripping objects change
  • In setups for easy prototyping
  • To determine the optimal dimensions of a stationary system

What are the specifications of Tripple Finger SoftActuator?