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MPS 631,1530, 2531 Pricing

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MPS 631,1530, 2531 Overview

What is MPS 631,1530, 2531?

The automatic tool changing system MPS 631, 1530 & 2531 is the perfect answer to the demand from a wide variety of industries for a solution with maximum flexibility. The tool changer are geared towards applications with different production technologies that depend on attaching as many transmission modules as possible.

Thanks to the sophisticated structural design, the modules can be mounted in the tool changer using the large number of available module slots and thus occupy minimal space. With the MPS 631, 1530 & 2531, users can enjoy a high degree of constructive freedom.

What applications is MPS 631,1530, 2531 product best for?

APPLICATION: Punch riveting, Gripping/handling, Resistance spot welding, Clinching, Bolt welding, Roller hemming and flanging, Gluing, Best-fit assembly, as well as special applications on request

AREAS OF OPERATION: All industrial sectors especially automotive industry, Body shop, Aerospace industry, Nuclear industry