STÄUBLI TS2-80 SCARA robot Pricing & Product Details

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TS2-80 SCARA robot Pricing

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TS2-80 SCARA robot Overview

What is TS2-80 SCARA robot?

Stäubli is entering a new performance class with its TS2 SCARA series. The completely redesigned 4-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability. It also has a revolutionary encapsulated design which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments. It is piloted by the generic CS9 controller that also controls TX2 6-axis robots.

The fast and compact TS2-80 robot has special features, such as a maximum payload of 8.4 kg with a 800 mm reach.

Smart design
Hygienic encapsulated 4-axis arm enabled by hollow shaft gearbox, no external cables
Compatible with all environments
Protection and additional installation options available
IP65 for the entire arm with optional ball screw cover and bellows

Integration flexibility, modular and scalable
Unique cylindrical envelope and small footprint
Axis 1 working range: ± 180°
Floor and ceiling mounting possibility for flexible and scalable integration

High performance kinematics
Over 125 years of experience in fast moving technology
Light and rigid structure
Patented JCS smart gearbox specially designed for compact robots
Compatible with NSF H1 food oil with no loss in performance

Smart connected tool
Integrated tool changer available (optional) Allows automatic - manual connection / disconnection of various tools
Pneumatic and electrical circuit including Cat5e available at the tool

Consistent reliability for secured payback
Lowest startup and maintenance requirements
Ready to move concept
No battery on the arm or in the controller
All subcomponents easily accessible and exchangeable
Lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment

Fully connected to the production world
Connectivity to the smart production:

Compatibility to all production devices and ERP
All standardized communications protocols, including real time
Connectivity to gripper and parts to be manufactured:

Modular safe control of your parts to be produced even for “Batch size one”
Encapsulated Ethernet Cat5e for multi-gripper, camera and sensors

What are the specifications of TS2-80 SCARA robot?

Payload 8.4 kg
Horizontal Reach 800 mm
Repeatability ± 0,015 -± 0,004 mm