TM Robotics TH1200A Pricing & Product Details

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TH1200A Overview

What is TH1200A?

The largest of the TH-A series, the TH1200A has a compact body and an arm span of 1200mm, as well as a maximum payload capacity of 20kg.
The TH1200A is ideal for use in many high precision pick-and-place applications, such as line packaging and assembly work.

Product Features & Benefits:
Heavy duty arm
Rigid arm structure
Highest payload in its class
Up to 20kg payload
Arm lengths from 180 to 1200mm
Ideal for end of line packaging and assembly work

What are the specifications of TH1200A?

Payload 20 kg
Horizontal Reach 1200 mm
Repeatability ±0.03-±0.02 mm