Turin Pick and place robotic arm STH030 Pricing & Product Details

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Pick and place robotic arm STH030 Pricing

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Pick and place robotic arm STH030 Overview

What is Pick and place robotic arm STH030?

STH030 industrial robot has the characteristics of fast motion, light weight and low installation condition. The small and refined shape is suitable for the automation of various processes, especially in the limited production space.


The body weight of the manipulator is reduced to only 26kg and the structure is compact. The installation azimuth is various, can flexibly deal with the setting requirement of each kind of work place and work space

Optimizing work scope:

Small appearance, working range can reach 400mm. The work is extensive. The radius of rotation is extremely small, reliable close to other equipment installation, slender wrist further enhanced the accessibility of the arm.

Excellent performance:

The STH030 is equipped with light AC servo motor with light structure and strong power, which can realize high acceleration of the robot and ensure excellent accuracy and agility in any application.。

Easy to operate and program:

It is easy to program and maintain the robot and arc welding process through the visual and friendly teaching apparatus. The instructional device USES a common PC graphical interface, and the operator has no strangeness in the control of the robot or the specific process equipment.

What are the specifications of Pick and place robotic arm STH030?

Payload 3 kg
Repeatability ±0.01-±0.02 mm
Horizontal Reach 400-600 mm