Turin Robotic automation SCARA STH100 Pricing & Product Details

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Robotic automation SCARA STH100 Pricing

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€ $ £ ¥ 12345.00

Robotic automation SCARA STH100 Overview

What is Robotic automation SCARA STH100?


* Model: STH100

* Arm Reach: 600/800/1000 mm

* Payload: 10 Kg

*DOF: 4 Axis

*Body Weight: 45-50 Kg

*Repeat Accuracy: ± 0.02mm

*Working Temperature: 0-45°


* Using SHIMPO imported reducer and domestic reducer mix-up configuration

* Servo motor standard configuration for domestic listed companies famous brand


* Optional imported DuomoChuan servo motor and drive

* Imported tama - chuan servo motor and drive are optional

* Supports Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and English

* Can use computer to control the robot based on Ethernet TCP/IP

What are the specifications of Robotic automation SCARA STH100?

Payload 10 kg
Repeatability ±0.02-±0.03 mm
Horizontal Reach 600-1000 mm