Turin SCARA Robot STH060 Pricing & Product Details

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SCARA Robot STH060 Pricing

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€ $ £ ¥ 12345.00

SCARA Robot STH060 Overview

What is SCARA Robot STH060?


* Model: STH0600

* Arm Reach: 500/600/700 mm

* Payload: 6 Kg

*DOF: 4 Axis

*Body Weight: 37.5-42 Kg


* Most cost-effective main products compact, fast, high precision

*Use modular design to simplify wiring, double safety circuit design

*Use Italian design technology in mechanical and circuit

*Take in ABB wiring layout technology in our robot body manufacturing

What applications is SCARA Robot STH060 product best for?

Used for spraying, loading, handling, sorting, assembling

What are the specifications of SCARA Robot STH060?

Payload 6 kg
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Horizontal Reach 500-700 mm