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What is Wyzo®?

Fantastic combination of industrial robot’s performance and typical cobot’s versatility. Wyzo™, the first sidebot in the world, integrates incredibly with your production teams.

In no time, Wyzo™ learns a new task and quickly moves to another workstation. Wow! Just wow.

What applications is Wyzo® product best for?

With its safe control system, Wyzo handles high-speed products side-by-side with humans. The sidebot stops automatically on contact, and thanks to the integrated safety sensors, it even reaches full speed in the absence of humans. Wyzo moves from one workplace to another very quickly. The intuitive interface makes the learning of new tasks easy for everyone. In no time, Wyzo locates products with a smart camera and grabs them on moving conveyors. The universal tool holder allows the adoption of the most suitable gripper.

What are the specifications of Wyzo®?

Payload 1 kg

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