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What is PL500?

The Yaskawa PL500 is a robust and versatile 4-axis palletizing and depalletizing robot designed to handle heavy loads of up to 500 kg. Its impressive payload capability makes it suitable for various applications, including handling large stones, machine parts, complete product layers, or fully loaded pallets. This capability is particularly beneficial in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and distribution centers where heavy lifting is required.

With a maximum working range of 3159 mm and a repeatability of 0.05 mm, the PL500 offers precise and reliable performance. Its high-speed axes enable efficient palletizing and depalletizing operations, with a maximum speed of 85 °/s for the S, L, and U axes, and 195 °/s for the T axis. These features contribute to increased productivity and throughput in end-of-line packaging and automation solutions.

Weighing 2390 kg and with a floor mounting option, the Yaskawa PL500 is designed for durability and stability in demanding industrial environments. Its power supply of 8 kVA ensures sufficient energy for continuous operation. Overall, the PL500 stands out for its heavy-load handling capability, precision, and speed, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking efficient palletizing and depalletizing solutions.

What applications is PL500 product best for?

  1. Heavy machinery manufacturing: The PL500 efficiently handles large machine parts, enhancing production in heavy machinery manufacturing.
  2. Stone and concrete industries: It excels in lifting and palletizing heavy stones and concrete products, streamlining processes in these sectors.
  3. Distribution centers: Ideal for handling complete product layers or fully loaded pallets, optimizing logistics and automation in distribution centers.

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