Zimmer Automatic tool changer -SERIES FWR Pricing & Product Details

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Automatic tool changer -SERIES FWR Pricing

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Automatic tool changer -SERIES FWR Overview

What is Automatic tool changer -SERIES FWR?

  • Automated tool change without external activation
    In interaction with the storage station, the changer is actuated mechanically during retraction. As a result, no additional power supply is required for the change operation.
  • Manual tool change
    The sizes FWR40 and FWR50 can be opened with just one hand. If this is not desired, you can lock the actuation manually.
  • Optional media transmission
    Adapt the tool changer to your application. With the energy elements of the WER1000 and WER2000 series, you can transmit a variety of media with standard connections!