ZIVID Zivid One+ Medium Pricing & Product Details

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Zivid One+ Medium Pricing

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Zivid One+ Medium Overview

What is Zivid One+ Medium?

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • High Definition + Color
  • 3D High Dynamic Range

Range: 0.6 m- 2.0 m

110 - 1000 mm

433 x 271 mm
1330 x 871 mm


0.37 @ 1000 mm
3.71 x 10-4 per distance (z) in mm

What applications is Zivid One+ Medium product best for?

Zivid One Plus Medium is suitable for small to medium objects. The field of view covers typical objects on tables, in standard toes or bins, in picking, assembly, and control applications.