Kinova's Link 6, the first Canadian industrial collaborative robot.


Kinova Link 6

“Link 6 is a new generation industrial robot designed for all businesses looking to benefit from automation. Featuring state-of-the-art technology that enables greater daily efficiency, the collaborative robot also improves the quality and consistency of production results.”

Kinova’s mission statement has and will always be to empower humanity to go well beyond its limitations and achieve the extraordinary.

With 15 years of experience under their belt in designing and manufacturing robotic solutions, Kinova has just launched the first Canadian industrial collaborative robot - Link 6.

After attending the launch of Kinova’s Link 6 collaborative robots 2022, here are some things to consider:

Link 6’s specs:

Payload: 6 kg / 13.2 lbs

Max. speed: 1.65 m/s / 5.41 ft/s

Reach: 1000 mm / 39.4 in

Joints rotation:
± 360°

Movement: 6 DoF

Kinova focused on:

1. Achieving short cycle times through longer reach and fast movements.

2. Link 6 robotic arm is developed and designed with any user in mind, both for experienced industrial integrators and operators with no particular robotic skills.

3. New collaborative robotics and AI capabilities. Link 6 controller offers the highest processing power and memory capacity on the market.

4. With the provision for an optional GPU, being ready to use with the AI solutions of the future, whilst keeping the controller compact.

5. The ability to increase throughput, quality, repeatability, and predictability of production whilst reducing operational costs and production footprint.

Link 6 features:

Kinova showcased that Link 6 focused on the ease of use and greater daily efficiency. It was stated that Link 6 offers unique programming flexibility and allows for the tailoring to your manufacturing needs.

Kinova provided several elaborations on the Link 6 features. This includes:

  • An optimised user experience and greater programming flexibility:

This means an intuitive user interface with visual programming and error handling for fast learning, manual guidance capabilities, and an ease of use allowing for quick ramp up, no matter the level of robotic knowledge is.

  • Wrist that provides control:

A multi-purpose wrist for the ease of use and increased efficiency. This includes a coloured ring annunciator that indicates the cobot’s status.

Another feature is the built-in signal path and power supply for simple industrial connectivity.

  • Modular architecture tailored to your needs

This means plug-ins to specifically cater for your applications and native support for several industrial grippers.

Another thing to note is the programming interface that allows for quick and easy implementation for your applications.

From this product launch, there are many things to look forward to for the future of cobots.

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Updated 21/10/22