Figurine FIGURE 01 vs Unitree G1

When choosing between Figurine FIGURE 01 and Unitree G1, you need to know which humanoid robot fits your industrial needs best. Both models offer unique features that can enhance your manufacturing line. 

In this article, we’ll compare their key specifications, performance, and applications. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which robot suits your project requirements. Whether you’re looking for advanced AI capabilities or robust durability, this guide will help you make an informed decision. 

Let’s dive into the details and find the right humanoid robot for you.


What is a Humanoid Robot?

A humanoid robot is a robot designed to look and move like a human. These robots have a head, torso, arms, and legs, mimicking the human body. They can walk, lift objects, and interact with tools and machinery. With advanced sensors, cameras, and AI, humanoid robots can navigate and understand their surroundings.

These robots are used in various industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. They help with repetitive tasks, dangerous jobs, or assist in human-robot collaboration. By using humanoid robots, you can improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in your operations. They are especially useful in areas where human-like dexterity and flexibility are needed.



Understanding Figurine FIGURE 01:

Key Features:

Figurine FIGURE 01 replicates human movements with precision. It can walk, lift, and manipulate objects. Its advanced sensors and cameras provide excellent spatial awareness, allowing it to navigate complex environments easily.

Primary Applications:

This robot is perfect for various industrial tasks. It excels in assembly line work, quality control, and material handling. FIGURE 01 is also ideal for hazardous environments, such as handling toxic materials or extreme temperatures. Its adaptability improves efficiency and safety in your operations.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Dexterity & Precision: FIGURE 01 can perform delicate tasks with high accuracy, making it ideal for detailed assembly work.
  • Advanced Integration: It integrates smoothly with existing industrial systems, reducing the need for extensive modifications.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Programming and controlling FIGURE 01 is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive software. This reduces training time for your team.

Performance & Reliability:

FIGURE 01 is made from strong materials to handle tough use. It has a long battery life, so it can work for a long time before needing a recharge. Maintenance is simple, which keeps downtime low and productivity high.

Safety Features:

Safety is a top priority. FIGURE 01 has safety sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, preventing accidents. It meets industry safety standards, giving you peace of mind when using it in your operations.


Understanding Unitree G1:

Key Features:

Unitree G1 is a humanoid robot designed for industrial tasks. It moves like a human with high accuracy. With advanced sensors and cameras, G1 navigates complex environments easily. It can walk, lift, and handle objects efficiently.

Primary Applications:

G1 is ideal for many industrial jobs. It works well on assembly lines, in quality control, and for material handling. G1 is also great for hazardous tasks, like handling chemicals or working in extreme temperatures. Its flexibility makes it valuable for improving your operations.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Advanced AI: G1 uses top-tier AI to learn and adapt to different tasks, boosting efficiency.
  • Sensory Feedback: Its sensors give real-time feedback, ensuring precise movements and reducing errors.
  • Durability: Made from strong materials, G1 is built to last in tough industrial conditions.

Performance & Reliability:

Unitree G1 is designed for durability. It can handle long-term use in demanding environments. The robot has a long battery life, allowing extended operation without frequent recharges. Maintenance is simple, keeping downtime low and productivity high.

Safety Features:

Safety is a key focus for G1. It has multiple safety sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, preventing accidents. The robot meets industry safety standards, ensuring confidence and security in its use.



A Detailed Comparison:

Performance & Capabilities:

Both Figurine FIGURE 01 and Unitree G1 perform well. FIGURE 01 is great for precise, delicate tasks. Unitree G1 uses advanced AI to adapt and handle various tasks efficiently. Both can walk, lift, and handle objects, but FIGURE 01 excels in detailed work, while G1 is more versatile.

Technological Features:

FIGURE 01 has excellent sensors and cameras for spatial awareness. It integrates easily with existing systems. Unitree G1 also has advanced sensors and cameras but stands out with its AI and machine learning. This helps G1 learn and adapt quickly, boosting its efficiency.

Integration & Compatibility:

Both robots integrate smoothly into existing systems. FIGURE 01 is user-friendly, reducing training time. Unitree G1 is also easy to integrate and adapts to a wide range of applications, thanks to its AI.


Specifications Figurine FIGURE 01 Unitree G1
Height 1.75 meters 1.70 meters
Weight 85 kg 80 kg
Battery Life 8 hours 10 hours
Payload Capacity 10 kg 12 kg
Sensors 3D cameras, LIDAR 3D cameras, infrared sensors, LIDAR
Mobility 20 degrees of freedom 22 degrees of freedom

Safety & Compliance:

Safety is key for both robots. FIGURE 01 has safety sensors to avoid obstacles and prevent accidents. It meets industry safety standards. Unitree G1 also has extensive safety features and complies with safety regulations, ensuring safe operation.


Use Cases & Applications:

Figurine FIGURE 01:

1. Assembly Lines:

FIGURE 01 is great for assembly lines. Its precise movements handle delicate tasks well. With a payload capacity of 10 kg and 20 degrees of freedom, it performs complex assembly operations efficiently.

2. Quality Control:

In quality control, FIGURE 01’s 3D cameras and LIDAR sensors detect defects and ensure high standards. Its user-friendly interface and easy integration make it valuable for maintaining quality.

3. Hazardous Environments:

FIGURE 01 excels in hazardous environments. It handles toxic materials and extreme temperatures, reducing risks to humans. Its robust design and safety sensors ensure reliable performance.



Unitree G1:

1. Material Handling:

Unitree G1 is ideal for material handling. With a payload capacity of 12 kg and 22 degrees of freedom, it lifts and moves heavy objects efficiently. Its advanced AI adapts to different tasks quickly.

2. Inspection and Maintenance:

For inspection and maintenance, G1’s infrared sensors and LIDAR provide detailed feedback. It navigates complex environments and identifies issues accurately. Its 10-hour battery life ensures extended work periods.

3. Collaborative Tasks:

G1 is great for collaborative tasks. Its AI and machine learning capabilities enable safe work alongside humans. It learns new tasks and adapts to changes in the work environment, making it a flexible team member.

Both Figurine FIGURE 01 and Unitree G1 offer versatile use cases in industrial settings. Their advanced features and specifications make them suitable for various tasks, improving efficiency and safety in your operations.



Cost Analysis & ROI:

Initial Investment:

The Figurine FIGURE 01 costs about $30,000 and above. This includes the robot, basic software, and setup. Extra costs may come from additional accessories or specialized software. The Unitree G1 costs about $16,000 and above. This price covers the robot and standard software. Additional costs may include extra accessories or custom software.

Operating Costs:

Both robots need minimal maintenance but require regular check-ups. FIGURE 01’s annual maintenance costs around $5,000, while Unitree G1 costs about $4,500 per year.

Energy Consumption:

FIGURE 01 has an 8-hour battery life, costing about $1 per hour to run. Unitree G1 has a 10-hour battery life, also costing about $1 per hour.

Training & Integration:

Training for FIGURE 01 costs about $3,000, while training for Unitree G1 is around $2,500. Both robots integrate easily into existing systems, but initial adjustments may be needed.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Both robots boost productivity by handling repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and working continuously. This results in significant time and cost savings.

Long-term Savings:

Investing in FIGURE 01 or Unitree G1 can lead to long-term savings by lowering labor costs, reducing workplace injuries, and increasing efficiency. Expect to see a full ROI within 2-3 years, depending on usage.

Choosing the right humanoid robot can greatly improve your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Use this cost analysis to help make an informed decision.



Choosing between Figurine FIGURE 01 and Unitree G1 depends on your needs. FIGURE 01 is great for precise, delicate tasks, while Unitree G1 is versatile and uses advanced AI. Both improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. FIGURE 01 costs more but offers high precision. Unitree G1 is more affordable and adaptable. Consider your budget, tasks, and goals. Investing in the right robot can greatly enhance your operations. Make an informed choice to benefit your manufacturing line.

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