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Multibeam light curtain Pricing

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Multibeam light curtain Overview

What is Multibeam light curtain?

Photocell barriers include a number of different infrared rays aligned along both a transmitter and a receiver bar. It is enough that one of the infrared streams is interrupted to detect an infiltration in the dangerous working area which leads to an immediate close-off of the output safety contactors connected to the machinery emergency stop.

The safety photocell barriers form a barrier of parallel infrared streams which are activated one after the other according to a multiplex process and a high scanning speed. A specific stream acts as a synchroniser.

The standard height of the guard depends on the number of infrared streams and the distance of the lenses.

Immaterial barrier resolutions allow to detect fingers, hands, limbs or approaching bodies. Resolutions are defined according to the type of machinery which needs guarding, the working area and the level of safety required.

Access' immaterial barriers are integrated to the guard fencing systems and are selected among the best components available on the market for that particular application and safety level requirement according to UNI EN 62061 standards.