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What is M-20iB/25?

The M-20iB/25 is the first in a new generation of FANUC M-20iB robots. Combining a lightweight hollow upper arm and wrist with advanced servo technology, the M-20iB series has been designed to achieve faster cycles and increased throughput on a range of applications. Models come fully encapsulated to IP67 standard, making them ideally suited to wet, dirty and harsh processes such as auto deburring.

What are the specifications of M-20iB/25?

Payload 25 kg
Reach 1853 mm

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Julian Hernandez


Mar 12, 2022

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Laser applications Industrial User
Fanuc has been known as the biggest industrial robot's vendero worldwide, offering their robot with a competitive price. - You will have all the robot's motors covered in the inside of the robot. These may help avoiding cable interference, a more compact model and more opened to newer applications. - You have an internal space to introduce your cables in order to avoid cable interference. - Compatible with all IRVision systems with a direct pilot from the teachpendant. - Tactil classic Teachpendant with all the previous Fanuc functionalities off previous versions (cumulative knowledge). - Easy to program in it Roboguide software, capable of adapt it's trajectories according to the piece's form. - It is not the fastest industrial robot, but it is a very versatile robot for many applications with its 1853 mm of reachable robot space. - Technical support is very very good and very reactive, and the robot does not need a lot of maintenance.
- Communications' bricks and other options must be ordered separately ... so, in the most basic robot version you won't find Profinet, profibus, modbus comm. bricks. - Take care with the battery replacement ... you may loose you programms if they are not well saved in the right memory ! - The fifth joint, even with it reach, may cause gripper collissions due to its proximity to the robot J4 body.

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Cutting cakes with FANUC M-20iB/25C for clean and food environments

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