Manual quick changer - QC Overview

What is Manual quick changer - QC?

Manual quick changers are very popular in the plastics sector and are used to quickly change EOATs while the mould is being changed. Gimatic’s QC series of quick changers enable a significant reduction of tool change time as they feature built-in air chan.

• Quick tool change on the robot.
• Also suitable for vacuum pipelines.
• Avoids errors in pneumatic and electrical connections.
• 4, 8, 10 or 12 pneumatic connections.
• 15 electrical connections
• The two parts (robot side and gripper side) are supplied separately.
• The QCX robot side can also cut off the compressed air with a safety valve.
• The QCY robot side cuts off the compressed air automatically during disengagement.
• Optional LOQC lock unit

What are the specifications of Manual quick changer - QC?


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