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SWS Connector Pricing

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SWS Connector Overview

What is SWS Connector?

The SWS Connector is our power pack for applications with increased force and torque loads. The semi-cylindrical bolt accurately joins the upper and lower assembly without play. A centering disc can be installed on both the upper assembly (robot side) and lower assembly (tool side) of the robot and ensures that the tools are correctly aligned with the robot arm.

SWS Connector advantages

  • Operation with square socket key
  • Optional Safety-Lock. Prevents unintentional opening in dynamic applications
  • Steel version, optionally nitrated
  • Optional mounting surface for energy feed-through
  • Withstands high loads
  • Can be opened and closed with one handle
  • High repeatability < 0.02 mm
  • Durable - 10,000 cycles
  • When locking, the lower assembly is pulled up by the locking action
  • Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1