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What is KR 90 R3100 Extra?

Bringing with it amazing amounts of flexibility and versatility, the KUKA KR 90 R3100 Extra can produce higher levels of precision, performance, energy efficiency, and availability than seen with any predecessors. All for a more affordable cost! The KR 90 R3100 Extra is also more streamlined, compact, and robust, ready to perfectly tackle any job that is thrown its way. It also has a reduced moving mass that enables the all-rounders of the KR QUANTEC extra series to live up to these aforementioned higher standards and abilities. The KR QUANTEC is paired with the KR C4 and can handle a payload of 90 kg and conquer a very long reach of 3095 mm; truly a robot that won't let you down!

What are the specifications of KR 90 R3100 Extra?

Payload 90 kg
Reach 3095 mm

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