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FT-AXIA Pricing

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FT-AXIA Overview

What is FT-AXIA?


Rigid 6-axis force/torque sensor for precision measuring in all six degrees of freedom

Advantages – Your benefits:

Compact design
due to space-saving set-up with integrated electronics
Two calibrations are available
whereby two measurement ranges can be controlled via web interface
Plug & Work
directly compatible for KUKA and Universal Robots via software module
Cost saving despite high precision
due to optimized manufacturing
Robust design
ensures due to a high overload range with protection against damage even with short-term overload
Version with LED display
for status display on the sensor without evaluation via the controller

Options and special information:

6-axis force/torque sensor
Strain gauges (DMS) measure the strain applied in all six degrees of freedom (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My and Mz). The signals from the DMS are directly processed in the sensor, and are made available as forces and moments via various communication protocols.
Sensor cable
The sensor cable connects the sensor to the control line via an M8 connector or an M12 connector through an 8-pin M12 connector. The voltage supply and communication line are integrated into the sensor cable and shielded. The highly flexible sensor line protects the sensor signals against electrical fields and mechanical loads.
Control line
The control line is a Y-distribution cable and is connected to the sensor line via an M12 socket. It supplies the sensor with voltage via a 3-pin open wire strand and allows separate communication with the sensor via EtherNet or EtherCAT via an RJ-45 connector, depending on the version.

What applications is FT-AXIA product best for?

Field of application:

Universally applicable in robotic applications such as haptics, medicine, grinding, testing, inserting, and research and development